Unusual tours
around incredible Odessa


Vorontsov Lighthouse. OdessaWe make people fall in love with Odessa — this is our profession, a hobby, mission and work. And we in «Tudoy-Sudoy» love our work.

Every day, going to tours in Odessa, we are waiting for the opening. And never the city disappointed us. Every day and every hour it gives us new discoveries in old courtyards, elegant curlicues on the walls of the bicentennial palaces, unusual phrases peculiar Odessa language and open emotions of Odessa people and visitors of «South Palmyra».

Do you think that the tour — it is running before you drag the guide with his monotonous murmur: «Look to the right — look to the left …». And that’s not so! When we do a tour for the children, we talk to our them in their language. When we talk about the secrets of Odessa catacombs, we talk about it directly at the Museum of Odessa catacombs or at untrodden «wild catacombs». When we guide you to the Odessa bazzars, then you will be entertained lavishly this generous cheese, bacon and wine of very real Odessa there.

And only in «Tudoy-Sudoy» during excursions you will talk not just with guides, but with the real Pushkin, Kotovsky, Sonka Golden Hand and the other characters of the Odessa stories.

But excursions «Our Jewish happiness» (Jewish Odessa Tour), «Pasing Mother-in-law’s home» (Criminal Odessa Tour), «Many people came here!» (The tour of Multinational Odessa) — this is the fruit of long sitting in archives and museum storerooms. It is carefully selected and screened, entertaining factual material. And certainly it does not draw from the depths of the internet … Here we stand out from our lovely competitors))). Odessa jokes and phrases, as well as songs about Odessa, which are presented to your attention on our website under «About the history and about Odessa», we did not compose themselves, and did not take the Internet, we listened to it and recorded it on the streets of this magical city.

Our special pride is a whole series of author tours that we have developed and conducted specifically for the inhabitants of Odessa — Gourmet urban history. And then every day we can show the new findings.

Come to Odessa and we will tell you about Odessa something you probably did not know! We will show you something you’ve never seen! We will do this so that you will never forget! We’ll settle, feed and ride you so «delicious» that you will not be ashamed to talk about it at work to senior manager. And, most importantly — we will do an unusual tour around the extraordinary Odessa for you. And we can do so that you’ll fall in love our Odessa forever. And we ourselves are falling in love with this city every day and every hour. Come on with us!

We’ll tell you about the whole Odessa!